Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Beautiful Sister..... {Port Orchard, WA Wedding Photographer}

I finally was able to sit down and go through all of the pictures that I took at my sisters wedding.  I only had time to shoot her for about 20 min. after which the fabulous Mindy took over.  Soon I will get the rest of the photos from her and edit more of the ceremony and reception, but I will probably not be able to get to those for a while, as this is my crazy insano busy time of year :)!

So please enjoy these for now, and I promise to post more in the next month or so.


I have to tell you that this is my favorite photograph of the day.  We were having a beautiful sister moment which ended in tears.  Words can not express how much I love this girl.  And she is even more beautiful when she cries :)!

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Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

GORGEOUS! You are so so talented, and your sister is gorgeous, great combo for some amazing pictures :)