Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Blog Header is DONE! {Bainbridge Island Children's Photographer}

I know many of you have been probably checking in often because you were so anxious to see my new blog header :)!  Ok probably not, but I hope you all like it.  I designed it myself which is a pretty big deal for me, as it only took about a million layers, and then add on the difficult process of choosing which photos to showcase.  There are SOO many I love it isn't fair that I only get to post five.  Anyhoo, my blog needed a little face lift so there you have it :)!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Blog Header Under Construction....:)

New town, new house, new blog header.  It only makes sense :)!  I am not very savy when it comes to designing things like this on my own so bare with me as I work out the kinks.  Check back by this week for the unveiling of my new blog header.  Ok seriously I know you all have much more important things to look forward to this week, but just humor me :)!

Friday, April 15, 2011

This is NOT helping......{Bainbridge Island Washington Newborn Photographer}

My husband and I have decided we are about 99% sure we are happy with having just two boys.  Well I should say he is 100% sure and I am about 95% sure.  At least I was up until last weekend. 

You see my sister in law came to visit with her beautiful, perfect little angel baby.  You know those baby books that describe the different types of baby temperaments?   Well, miss Sydney June falls into the "Angel Baby" category to the T.  If I knew for sure I would have a girl that was as sweet and easy going as Sydney, I would do it in a heart beat :)!  Oh well, meanwhile I will just have to snuggle, and smother her with all my love :)!

Can you see why I am so in love......?  Which is why I couldn't help but post almost her entire session :)!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Better Late Than Never {Bainbridge Island WA Childrens Photographer}

I have had taking Brooks's 3 year old pictures on my to do list for months! I wasn't planning on doing a session with him till next weekend, but I wanted him to try on his new clothes to make sure they fit. Well they fit, so I thought I should try out the beautiful pockets of light in my new house. Well, a few shots turned into a few more, and after ten minutes I had so many that I loved I think I will count this as his session :)!

Warning: I had Mommy goggles on as I edited these.

Brooks, my love, you are such a ray of sunshine in our home. You keep us on our toes every minute, and you are sooo much like me that it is scary. We can't imagine our world without you in it. We love you little monkey!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cherry Blossoms + Sunshine + Beautiful Maternity = Spring?? {Maternity Photographer, Bainbridge Island WA Photographer}

Nothing says 'Spring' to me more than a little bit of sunshine, cherry blossoms, and a beautiful mama to be. 

I actually caught a glimpse all of those things in a single afternoon this past week. 

This sweet couple was just a breath of fresh air.  To say they are excited for their new little man to arrive is an understatement, and I for one can't wait to meet him!  He is one lucky baby to have such incredible parents, and I was thrilled to capture their love and anticipation for his arrival.

I needed a fun couple like this after a full week of painting, cleaning, moving out, and moving into our new home.  We are settling in nicely and hoping to find our new "normal" very soon.  But that will have to wait as this week we are looking forward to visiting with friends and family that are coming to visit :)!