Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cherry Blossoms + Sunshine + Beautiful Maternity = Spring?? {Maternity Photographer, Bainbridge Island WA Photographer}

Nothing says 'Spring' to me more than a little bit of sunshine, cherry blossoms, and a beautiful mama to be. 

I actually caught a glimpse all of those things in a single afternoon this past week. 

This sweet couple was just a breath of fresh air.  To say they are excited for their new little man to arrive is an understatement, and I for one can't wait to meet him!  He is one lucky baby to have such incredible parents, and I was thrilled to capture their love and anticipation for his arrival.

I needed a fun couple like this after a full week of painting, cleaning, moving out, and moving into our new home.  We are settling in nicely and hoping to find our new "normal" very soon.  But that will have to wait as this week we are looking forward to visiting with friends and family that are coming to visit :)!


Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

Love love love love LOVE those outdoors! Oh I'm jealous that you have blossoms already :) The last pic is my favorite!

Shannon said...

Shannon, these are lovely!! So it was hard to pick a fave, but I kept coming back to the one of mommy-to-be in the background and the cherry blossoms out of focus in the foreground. Beautiful!!

And do I spy the use of your reflector in the group of three pictures? I've been using mine more lately ever since we talked!!

And your cherry blossoms are beautiful!! They are WA's version of TX bluebonnets!! :) Gorgeous!!

Jodie Greck said...

Just gorgeous!