Sunday, June 26, 2011

June Gloom!! {Bainbridge Island, WA Photographer}

I don't know about you, but I had high hopes for a sunny June.  So seeing how it has come and gone with only a handful of sunny days, leaves me feeling a bit gloomy. 

Thankfully I have had the following image to gaze at from time to time to get me through it :)!  I even ordered it in a 40x60 canvas for my home :).

I am gearing up for a busy next two months.  I have TWO weddings in July and I only have one spot open the last week of August for a portrait session.  Otherwise I am booked for the next two months.  I could probably squeeze in one session in July, but that is about it.

This month I have been working on getting myself a big girl blog.  It is no where near done, but I look forward to sharing it all with you hopefully soon....Mean while I hope this image brightens your day just a little bit, at least until the sun decides to join us permanently this summer!

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Marie Photographie said...

What a surreal photo! And yes, it does not feel like June! One of these days it's gonna be summer... :)