Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Madness {Port Orchard, WA Wedding Photographer}

May is officially madness!  Self induced madness, but madness non the less :)!

Many of you know that I have been going back and forth about getting my eyes fixed for a while now, and well, tomorrow is the big day.  And I have to admit I am freaking out a bit.....I am having thoughts like,  "Will I be the one person that walks away totally blind from this procedure?!"  "Will I SEE my kids again?"  "Will I ever be able to shoot again, or edit?"  You know, stuff like that :)!

So wish me luck, and I hope to be back sooner than later, but If I don't post for a while, then  you can bet I am still laying on my couch rubbing my eyes, waiting for the fog to clear :)!

I had planned on posting a bunch more pictures from the wedding, but I simply ran out of time, so my very very favorite from the entire day will have to do!

SEE, you on the other side :)!



Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

That is awesome!! Good luck :) Can't wait to SEE you when you're eyes are all fixed!!

Marie Photographie said...

Just beautiful! Good luck tomorrow!

Melissa said...

You will be surprised how easy it is. All those thoughts run through everyone's head so don't you worry. When you go home take a nap and wake up 3 hours later and you can see perfectly it is all worth it!!

Melissa said...

Don't worry we all think those thoughts before the surgery. You will be just fine. After you get home take your 2-3 hour nap and wake up and you can read everything with no problems it will all be worth it.

Audrey Coley Photography said...

Lover-ly!!!!!!!!! Beautiful:) xox

Jennie said...

I hope your surgery was a great success! Post something right away so I know all is well!! I of course LOVE all your pics. Do you ever have an off day? (Not that I would wish one on you) but seriously, everything is always so beautiful and perfect. You're amazing!