Monday, August 23, 2010

I LOVE Weddings!!!!! {Kitsap County Wedding Photographer}

I know I keep saying this, but I REALLY REALLY love shooting weddings :)!  There is just something just so indescribable about watching a couple go through all of the emotions of the day.  It is such a personal experience and I always feel so humbled and honored to be a part of one of the most important moments of their life.

Not to mention everyone looks incredible :)!

I was asked by a good friend to second shoot this wedding a few weeks ago.  We have so much fun together, and I look forward to working more with her in the future :)!

Kay, so it was POURING!  I don't mean it was raining, I mean it was POURING!!  We had to use one hand to hold an umbrella over our heads, and the other hand to hold our camera's and shoot.  The bride and groom were so amazing, and were such good sports about it!  The wedding was supposed to be outside, but last minute they had to chang the ceremony to the reception site.  I have to tell you how amazing this bride was, she was so laid back, and just went with the flow the entire day.  It was so much fun working with this incredible couple :)! 

So I have been thinking about this for a while now, and wanted to share my thoughts on something.  I know at first you will think I am biased by saying this but hear me out.  I truly with all of my heart think that when couples are planning their wedding the most important vendor that they hire is the photographer bar none!

Now let me explain.  Yes the location is important, yes the food and cake is important, and yes the flowers, DJ, dress, and details are ALL important, but all of those things will fade into a distant memory after the big day is done.  Five years, heck five minutes after your wedding day is over all you are left with is well, your husband of course :), but your photographs and wedding album that lasts for generations to come.  It documents all the beautiful details, and moments of the entire day.  Everything else gets eaten, thrown away, or boxed up for storage (in hopes that your daughter will someday wear your wedding gown :)).

So, yes it is so important to choose a photographer whose style you love so that in turn you love your wedding album, BUT, and this is the main reason I believe that choosing the right wedding photographer is the most important vendor decision that you make....

It is SOOO incredibly important that you LIKE your wedding photographer!  I am not just talking about their work, but someone that you actually get a long with and enjoy being around.  As the bride, throughout the day you will spend more time with your photographer than you will with ANYONE else the entire day!  Your wedding day is a roller coaster of emotions, and the one person hired to be there through it all is your photographer.  That is why I think that it is soo important that you choose someone you feel comfortable with both professionally and personally.

So meet photographers before you choose, and if you don't click with someone move on until you find someone that you do, I promise it will be one of the most important decisions that you make as you plan your wedding :)!

Ok, I think that was my longest blog post ever, and if you stuck with me to the end your amazing :)!  Enough from me, on to the pictures :)!!
#4 Color

#2 Color



#14 Color

#8 Color

#6 Color

#13 Color

#9 Color

#15 Color


#7 Color

I think shooting bridal parties is SOO much fun :)!!!
#11 Color


Audrey Coley said...

Wonderful Blog post, because you are so right!!!! The photographs are what remains:) Beautiful job Shannon! The raindrops shining on the dresses look like sparkles.

Marie Photographie said...

Beautiful, I love the colors! And I think the rain adds something extra special!

Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

So cute! I love all the dresses, and I'm so impressed that the bride's hair stayed so nice, even with the pouring rain! I agree that the photographer is the most important thing! We spent a fortune on our photographer, but I'm so glad we did. And seeing all the new cool things with photography now, it makes me want to get remarried to Grant and get even more amazing pictures :)