Thursday, October 28, 2010

Model's In The Making {Tacoma, Washington Children's Photographer}

This is my second time shooting these two little models in the making.   I am not kidding, little E didn't need much help with posing, he worked it!!

And little Miss A, well I am not gonna lie, she made me work, but man was it worth it!  I just love all of her expressions.  She makes me want a baby girl oh so bad!

So many to share :)!

#19 Color

#24 Color

#25 B&W


#11 Color

#18 Color

#17 B&W

#10 Color

#12 Colored

Real models always end their shoots with a hot cocoa :)!
#27 Urban

1 comment:

Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

Very adorable. I LOVE the last picture with the hot cocoa, so sweet!