Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thankful...{Kitsap County, WA Family Photographer}

You know when you meet someone, and you walk away from your encounter just grateful for the random chance to meet that person?

Well, that is how I feel about this family, just so thankful to have met them :).  I have spoken with Karen on the phone here and there over this past year, and instantly knew that she was a very special person, as are her kids.  They were such troopers during our session, which included a little off trail hiking :)!  I would say it was worth it :)!

Thank you Karen and kids, I had a wonderful evening with the three of you!.

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Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

Very pretty!

Marie Photographie said...

I especially love the lighting in the top right picture, and what gorgeous eyes your client's have!

Jodie Greck said...

Oh how I love that OLD TRUCK - gorgeous images once again from you Miss Shannon xx