Saturday, September 24, 2011

Long Time In The Making {Bainbridge Island, WA Family Photographer}

About a year in the making in fact.  Between bad weather and crazy busy schedules it took a to make this session happen.  It was so worth the wait.

Meet, Megan, Darren, Jack and Dylan.  Ben just so happens to work with Darren and over the years we have fallen in love with there family.  Megan is the sweetest woman/mother/wife I have ever met!  I can't say enough good things about this beautiful family!  So I leave you with a monster blog post as I have way too many favorites.  Actually is it possible to have too many favorites?  Nay...

I will be MIA this week, as tomorrow begins the best week of my life!!  My favorite girls, a road trip and two Keith Urban concerts!! Oh, and did I mention I get to MEET KEITH!  Yup, its so happening Monday night.  I havn't slept or ate since I found out.  Ok that isn't true I have been nervous eating like a pig since I found out.  I hoping he will love me regardless :)!  Wish me luck, and if Keith falls madly in love with me and wants to run away with me, its been great yall :)!  Jokes!  Jokes, people :)!


Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

Love them all! What a great shoot!

Laura said...

Adorable!! Love your family work so much! <3