Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shutter Speed Lessons at the Fountain Park

So I am working on weaning myself off the "dummy settings" on my new camera, and today's lesson was on shutter speed, and the water fountains are a great place to practice.

Last year Braydon wouldn't go near the fountain, it is fun to see him shedding some fears.

This little cutie latched onto Mary and Jamie VB. I love her eyes.


Ben said...

That last shot was awesome. Seriously it was really good, I am really proud of you.

Grant and Shalie said...

Nicely done! Where is the water park? Is it in seattle or on your islan?!

Shannon said...

shalie,the water park is in bremerton, we drive about five miles to down town port orchard, park, and take a five minute foot ferry ride, and it is right there. very close and very fun.

Court said...

Love the water! And love her eyes as well. I didn't even notice them when we were there. I was diggin' her hair - you've got such an eye for these things!!