Tuesday, September 23, 2008

365 Challenge!

Those closest to me know how much time I have been putting into learning all I can about photography. I have found a wonderful forum filled with newbies, hobbiest, and professions that help one another in improving our skills. Recently we had been asked to join in on a 365 challenge, were for 365 days we are to take a picture of ourselves (and here is the kicker), by ourselves, no one else can push the button! CRAZY! I don't know how long I can keep up, I am only on Day 7, and am already running out of ideas :). Not to mention the other participants are real professionals that make all of my photos look like my own drawings :).

So yesturday Courtney witnessed me on my belly in my driveway running back and forth taking pictures of my shoes. This was the result. Hopefully now all of my neighbors will have a better understanding of what that crazy lady in the gray house is doing these days :)!

Day 6


JamieVB said...

I Love those socks!! I think the shoe pic came out great. You should do costume pics of yourself, I could think of some funny ones lol:)

Marie said...

Cool, Shannon! Man, that's impressive. It'll be fun to see all the creativity that comes from that challenge. I know I'd have a hard time thinking of 365 ways to photograph myself.

Court said...

I'm already impressed with your creativity! I'd just be in front of a mirror or doing those "scrunch pictures". I'm excited to see what else you come up with - and I knew you were doing something creative! I didn't think you'd gone off the deep end or anything!

Sundy said...

Punky Bruster