Thursday, September 11, 2008

Boise Snap Shots Part Three!

This is everybody. Ben has six sibling, plus spouses, and kiddos, and of course his parents, Jim & Marylou.

These are horrible, but the best I got!

Matt & Steph & co.

Brian & Katy & co.

Brain & Katy now have two family photos for the next photo book:)!

Grant & Shalie & co.

Brad & co. :)!


Grant and Shalie said...

I love how none of the kids are smiling!! Oh dear :) You take very good pictures, you just need to learn to tell people when they look fat (like I do)!!

Shannon said...

no, those were really awful, taking pics of more than one person is tough!! whatever need to stop saying that because you are not fat!

LizzyP said...

Family is so fun! The skit pics are priceless--especially the one of Grandma herself!