Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dinasour Class!

Big B started his second year of preschool last week. He graduated from the Teddy Bear class to the Dinasour clsass :). He has the same teacher which is perfect for him to feel comfortable. He is glowing when I pick him up! It is so fun to see him so excited to go to school, I think he is going to do great next year!

An update on the soccer. Big B had his first game last weekend and was a little shy. He has been doing great in practice and is really having fun, which has been our goal from the beginning. Yesturday was his second game and in true Big B form he was over his initial hesitations and was right in the action! We kept laughing because he prides himself on being a "fast" runner and enjoys nothing more than watching his feet "move super fast" when he runs. So during the whole game he would look up and see the ball being kicked down the field by another kid and would start pumping his arms really hard and running as fast as could, all while watching his own feet, occasionally he would look up to see where the ball was but was more entertained by his own feet going after the ball. Watch out kids, as soon as he gets bored of his own feet, he is going to be coming after that ball...:).

On another note, (I think this is my longest post ever!) several people have let me know that they are having a hard time logging onto my blog, and it was getting frustrating so after much debate I have decided to go public :). You will probably notice my name on my pictures, which is called a watermark. I am doing this, not because I think there is a huge demand for my pictures (you should see the huge smile of my face because just typing that statement makes me chuckle), but because I really don't want any of my kids or your kids pics ever being printed off for whatever use (you use your imagination....yikes!). I have to use my watermark when I post on my photography forums and it is good practice for me to do so here, so that is why :). Anyways... here are a few of Big B before preschool last week!

pps. I will also be using fun nick names for my favorite kiddos!

Sorry about the blur, my shutter speed was too low and I didn't catch it while shooting these.


Marie said...

What a cutie Braydon is! I loved reading about him and his super fast feet! haha.

That whole public/private thing is so hard. I got back and forth all the time. And that's smart about watermarking your photos.

Anyway! I'm back from Hawaii and can I just say that I spent the first two days saying, "Ugh! I wish I had my SLR!" It was so beautiful and picturesque (sp). You're gonna get some amazing shooting in when you go in November. I'm excited for you!

Oh, and I got my body and some so-so zoom lens that came with it in the mail and I'm having so much fun figuring it out. My lens should arrive in the mail this week and then I'll call you. I'm so excited to have a shooting buddy who knows what they're doing!

Anyway, how's that for a long comment!

grandmananap said...

Braydon, your my super hero. Ya, want to wrestle? Can't wait to watch you play soccer. Love ya more,nanap

Court said...

I love those pics of Big B! Good action shots. He makes great faces too! I'm so glad that he is enjoying preschool! I bet that will make all the difference in the world when he starts kindergarten next year.

Grant and Shalie said...

How fun for Braydon! I am still in search of a preschool for Kade, I just can't find one that is affordable. That is so fun for Braydon.
I'm glad you went public! Its scary, but, of all of the billions of blogs out there, I'm sure that our kids are safe! It is scary though.
Can't wait to see you guys next month!