Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Sacrifices We Make For LOVE..... {Washington Photographer}

We all make sacrifices when we truly love someone. This sweet couple has been married just under a year and have had to make more sacrifices for one another than I can count. 

They both serve our country, and are currently living thousands of miles apart, and will continue to do so for several months to come. I am humbled each time I am around them. They have such a great attitude and perspective about their situation, and it makes me so appreciative of all of the men and woman that serve our country. The sacrifices that they make both personally and professionally are nothing short of heroic.

Andrew and Brandi, are so stinkin in love :). I want you both to know I appreciate all that you do to keep my little family safe and free! I am so proud of you both. Oh and did I mention they are my cousins :)!

I hope these photographs help ease the seperation just a little bit, or at the very least help remind you of how great you look together :)!


Jenniferb said...

They ARE SO CUTE! Great job! And thanks for the Christmas card! Your little (BIG) guys are so handsome!

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOVE EM. :) - Kayla Walker

Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

GORGEOUS!!! As usual!