Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lucky.....{Bainbridge Island Portrait Photographer, Washington}

I feel lucky in so many area's of my life.  Today I wanted to focus on how lucky I have been in the friendship department.  Throughout my life it seems as though friends have been placed in my path exactly when I have needed them.  Whether it be to teach me a life lession, a friend to laugh with, or a friend to help me get through whatever life has to throw at me.  I cherish each one of my friendships, and feel so blessed to know such incredible women.

This hot mama is NO exception.  In fact she has changed my life.  I have never met someone so incredibly positive.  I don't care what the situation (and we have been in some uncomfortable, and just down right weird situation's, these past five years :)).  Somehow we always end up with a great story that only brings us closer.  Jamie is really my very best friend.  I love her more than I can say.  I think the number one thing Jamie has taught me is to love yourself, and don't ever let anyone forget how great you truly are.  As woman I think we down play how incredible we are and how much we do for others.  Jamie doesn't have this problem :)!  And I don't mean it in a conceded, or unhumble way.  It is a confidence that shines through her that is contagious.  I know I feel more confident, self assured, and proud of myself, just for being me, and Jamie has given me this gift.  Everyone should have a friend like Jamie.  But you can't steal her from me, because she is my bff :)!

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Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

That is wonderful! Friends are so important. She is gorgeous! Great pics