Saturday, May 28, 2011

Remember when.....{Bainbridge Island, Newborn Photographer Washington}

Isn't it crazy how much we forget?  Well at least I do.  It is hard for me to remember when I was pregnant, and even harder yet to remember what my boys looked and felt like when they were less than a week old.

Do you remember this Mom to be's Maternity Session?  I sure do.  She reminded me how beautiful and magical pregnancy can be, and how I wish I had had a professional capture me seven months pregnant.  I regret even more not getting Newborn pictures done of my boys.  If only I had picked up my first SLR a few years earlier :(.  My point and shoot pictures are all I have, and thank goodness for those, because it is so hard for me to remember them this little.

This amazing couple welcomed Thatcher into this world a few weeks ago.  They weren't going to make the same mistake I did, and were thoughtful enough to capture all his perfection so they will NEVER forget this magical time.

Meet Thatcher....

PS - I am back from vacation, and I have a dream session to share with you all hopefully this week :)! 

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JamieVB said...

Awww what a cutie pie! They look so happy. They must be so grateful for all the moments you captured for them! I love the "I love my wife"